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Reviews from current and former patients:


I'm so glad to have found Dr. Peggy because I had a severe case of vertigo, and she knew exactly how to treat it. The exercises she prescribed worked beautifully, and I made a complete recovery. I've been treated by a number of therapists in recent years, but Dr. Peggy outshines them all.


My wife has seen her for years and she's been a lifesaver for our family. She once saw my wife on Christmas Eve out of the goodness of her heart. Thankfully, we only have to see her once or twice a year but every time we do it does the trick. She's the best for sure, can't go wrong.


Dr. Peggy is awesome. If you suffer from vertigo, you need to book an appointment with her ASAP!! She will definitely be able to help you! I’ve seen her twice, and my vertigo is gone.

Dr. Peggy is the best!!!!! She completely changed my life. I walked in her office with vertigo using a cane. Several weeks later, I'm back on my feet ready to be active again.

Dr. Peggy Marbach is a miracle worker. After seeing multiple doctors regarding my chronic vertigo with failed results, I was referred to Dr. Marbach. She has successfully cured my vertigo and balance issues each time I went to her. No one else has had the success she has in curing my vertigo. Dr. Marbach is a life saver.


Dr. Marbach gets to the root cause of your dizziness. She can tell exactly where the loose crystals are based on your eye movements and symptoms. She’s wonderful.

I have been working with Dr. Marbach for several months. Her tailored program has helped me immensely. She listens and explains things very well. I recommend her without reservation.

Dr Peggy Marbach is an excellent care-giver. She listens to her patients and makes sure they understand the course of treatment. I went to see her with sever vertigo. She provided treatment that has relived my vertigo and exercises for future use.


Dr. Peggy Marbach is a godsend. I suffered from vertigo, and she was recommended by my ENT. After 2 visits, my vertigo was gone. Dr. Marbach is personable, demonstrates empathy, and provided me with an individual plan based on her assessment (which was pretty cool). I did the exercises she gave me, and my dizziness went away and my balance improved. Should my vertigo return, I will call her right away. Thank you, Dr. Marbach!

Thanks Dr. Peggy! You were so easy to talk to and felt like a friend trying to help me rather than talking down to me as some doctors do. Thanks again!

Dr. Peggy is a wonderful person and truly cares about her patients.


Dr. Peggy Marbach is great! I went to her a few years ago, and she helped me tremendously! Hoping I don't have any vertigo issues again, but if I do, I wouldn't hesitate to go to her!

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