Reviews from Current and Former Patients:


Dr. Peggy Marbach is a Godsend.  I suffered from vertigo and she was recommended by my ENT.  After 2 visits, my vertigo was gone.  Dr. Marbach is personable, demonstrates empathy, and provided me with an individual plan based on her assessment (which was pretty cool).  I did the exercises she gave me and my dizziness went away and my balance improved.  Should my vertigo return, I will call her right away.  Thank you, Dr. Marbach!



dr dizzy as I call her (vestibular therapist). Was the first in my life to take vertigo and dizziness seriously. It was a great feeling to know it is treatable. As a flight attendant I need to get fixed. Thx back to work. Kathryn


Thanks Peggy! You were so easy to talk to and felt like a friend trying to help me rather than talking down to me as some doctors do. Thanks again!


Dr. Peggy is a wonderful person and truly cares about her patients.


Dr. Peggy is a true professional. She was able help me get relief with my Vertigo from the very first session. I was amazed at her knowledge and ability to explain what was going on with me. Thank you Dr. Peggy for keeping me straight :)


Dr. Peggy is amazing. Such an amazing bedside manner! Very unique quality! She is caring and personable.


Great visit!


DB: Peggy Miller Marbach is great! I went to her a few years ago and she helped me tremendously! Hoping I don't have any vertigo issues again, but if I do, I wouldn't hesitate to go to her!